PSHCE & Citizenship

The importance of helping to prepare our students to become well integrated members of society is central to our Mission Statement. Our core values of Love, Respect and Serve apply to all of our students as we help them to be open minded, tolerant and respectful, willing to engage with the wider community to promote community cohesion.

We deliver this message, not only through our programmes of PSHCE and Religious Studies but by insisting that all other subjects and student experiences pay close attention to Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural values.

Our PSHCE curriculum is taught in year groups and houses for 1 hour per week and covers Careers, Citizenship, Health and wellbeing and Relationships & Sex Education. Our staff are grouped into themed teams and will support students through each strand from Y7-10. In year 11 the students are taught by their Heads of Year to enable a more supported transition to their post 16 destination. Our curriculum is compliant with the Department of Education’s 2020 guidance and we actively include local issues into our delivery, taking direction from the North Lincolnshire steering group and the Adolescent Lifestyle Survey. We work very closely with a number of external providers to enhance our PSHE provision including: BAE Systems, Birch Chemicals, ASK Apprenticeships and St John’s Ambulance.

We are supported by TENTEN in our delivery of RSE, providing resources that uphold our Catholic ethos of the school. The TENTEN programme allows students to explore issues in RSE within a faith setting and covers the statutory requirements of RSE. If you are a parent, and would like to explore the TENTEN resources, please contact Ms Taylor at school.

If you have any questions regarding our PSHE curriculum, they can be directed to the school on 01724 245151.

Careers, PSHCE & Examinations Lead: Ms V Taylor

Personal Development Lead: Mr D Fields

Relationships & Sex Education Lead (RSE): Mrs J Jackson