At St Bede’s, we commit ourselves to love, respect and serve one another as disciples of Jesus Christ which allows us to bear witness to the call from Bishop Patrick: develop your pupils to be missionary disciples. Part of The St Bede’s Way is about seeing the face of Christ in everyone to encourage our pupils to be charitable in their actions. Each week, the pupils are challenged to live out the message of the Gospel in accordance with the school virtues in order to become virtue literate and live our lives in the way Christ taught us. Guided by the senior student leaders, our Youth SVP team plan and deliver Acts of Worship to teach younger students how to live out this message. They talk about the practicality of prayer and how they must actively ‘live out’ their faith. As seen in some of the photographs, our pupils  raise money by organising bake sales-these always go down well-raffling chocolate hampers, football matches, collections and more.

One thing that our pupils enjoy is sending positive messages of love to each other; being charitable isn’t exclusively giving money, it is about being kind through loving and respecting one another. In the photograph, you see three of our ‘mental health elves’ who regularly deliver messages of love and support to staff and students.

To love your neighbour in charity, is to love God in man. St Francis de Sales

Pupils from 11 Manning-SB raffling a hamper.

Our positive affirmation tree.

Some of our wonderful ‘mental health elves’ spreading love.