Manning House

Henry Edward Manning was born 15th July 1808 in Hertfordshire. He always had an interest in the practical discussions of social problems. A convert to the Catholic faith he became Arch Bishop of Westminster in 1865. He was an activist for education for all and provided schools and materials for over 1000 poor children to learn. He was instrumental in the improvement in pay and conditions for Dockers working in 1900. Dockers lived in Crippling poverty and wanted changes to their contracts in order to improve the quality of life for them and their families. Their employers were not willing to negotiate. Manning stepped in and because of his key negotiating skills and love of the people managed to get both sides to agree on new terms to end the strike. This saved many people from hardship, suffering and violence. He did this aged 81.

Henry Edward Manning

“To put labour and wages first and Human or domestic life second, is to invert the order of God and of nature”